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i want to fuck my sister

Question: really want to fuck my sister but i dont know how to get her to fuck me she is a lesbian and she has a girlfriend i am 16 she is 18 years old and i dont know what to do i jerk off to her all the time she has a medium size ass with really big juicy tits they are like DD's or somthing i wish i can get her to fuck me or at least get her to play with my dick and suck my dick? maybe i can give her like sleeping pills or something and then feel on her while she sleeps or give her something plz give me some advice plz im desprate and how can i get her drunk without her knowing it? i over herd her sayin that she has never been fucked with dildo and she does'nt want 1 cuz for that she can just get a guy. and im a virgin also so how would i start a conversation with her about it because she might tell some one in our family? e mail me at PLEASE COMMENT
Created by: incest freak at 07:43:07 AM, Thursday, March 02, 2006 EST


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