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Am I making enough money?

Question: For a long time I worked as a courier part time(3 days a week). Recently I was forced into a six day a week using my own car driving 280 miles a day. I get home at 5 every night, and I am paid 475 dollars a week for 35 hrs, which includes 120 for my gas. therefore my take home is abut $350. I have no benefits or sick pay. I`m finding that life is alot harder after doing this rigourous schedule, and that my finances are getting worse and I`m living in a state of denial about this job. Maybe I should wake up and find something worthy of me. My question is, am I making enough money?
Created by: Coourierguy at 02:48:46 AM, Monday, April 10, 2006 EDT


$350 a week take home pay isn`t bad at all. But it depends on your circumstances.
Hey it`s a job
It`s ok, as long as you move in with mom.
It`s time to quick your job and find something more worthy. $350 a week, with no benefits on a six day schedule is not worth it.
OMG you are living the life of the rich and famous
To be honest, getting fired would be a promotion!

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