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Girls only: Would you date a very skinny guy?

Question: I am 5'11 and only 97 lbs. My biceps is 8 inch when relax, and only 9 inch with flex, so I am really not the strongest guy. Besides that most girls say I look pretty good. Would you like to date me?
Created by: 2thin4u at 12:11:38 AM, Sunday, November 12, 2006 PST


No, I don't like skinny guys.
No, I get envious being surrounded by guys skinnier than me.
No, you are definitely too skinny and too weak for me.
Yes, at least I want to see how weak a guy can be.
Yes, but I will force you to eat.
Yes, but just to beat you up.
Yes, I don't care how skinny you are.
Yes, I like skinny guys.
Yes, I will try to rape you, because you are so weak.
Yes, you might help me to lose weight.

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