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Fair Strength Assesment of Male's & Female's

Question: Given the controversial and topical debate over the strength of male's and female's I am wanting a poll that explore's it on a fair basis. Real World situations where Guy's and Girls have had equal opportunity to train, play sport and eat properly. I am a Video Journalist and have been following this subject for some time. Gathering accurate data is difficult as people do not base their responses for the most part on fact's. I believe Female's given the same opportunity especially from a young age with regard to sport, weight training and correct diet may be phisically dominant. Culture for centuries has had them doing next to nothing and hidden what we are all now witnessing, this being the sudden and amazing change in the female phisiqe and sporting abbilities. If it were not for the cultural boundries placed on how they should look..... who know's what they could achieve? Please share real experiance's and observations......
Created by: chenzo at 08:52:09 AM, Sunday, November 12, 2006 PST


Do female's have the most potential?
Do female's want the opportunity to compeate with male's?
Do male's feel threatened by female's in sport?
Do male's have the most potential?
Should all Sports be open to mixed competition?
Will female's eventually dominate sport?
Will male's continue to dominate sport?

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