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women Leaders of the 21st Century

Question: Women are gradualy pushing into leadership positions in the public and private spheres. We have all known both good and bad women leaders. The question is who are the women leaders most likely to make women respected as leaders for the next century and beyond. Don't think of simply raw power or conquest, but power with style, skill and honor. If you have a political Ideology please attempt to put it aside and rate on non ideological basis. This would include Power strength but also intellegent and skillfull use of compassion and class. Compassion and class when used properly can be a tool of power as easily as brute strength. I will list some names but feel free to add others in the comments section and please expand on why
Created by: steved011 at 09:39:02 PM, Thursday, November 30, 2006 PST


Barbara Boxer
Codoleeza Rice
Elaine Chao
Elizabeth Dole
Hillary Clinton
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Laura Bush
Margaret Thatcher
Mother Teresa
Nancy Pelosi

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