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Do You Want Your Wife To Overpower You Or To Overpower Your Husband?

Question: Men, do you want your wife to be able to overpower you and beat you up? Ladies, do you want to be able to overpower and beat up your husband?
Created by: Tad at 10:30:51 PM, Saturday, December 09, 2006 PST


I can beat Up My Husband and I love it That Way.
I can beat up my husband but I wish that I could not.
I can't beat up my husband and I am glad.
I Can't beat Up My Husband But I Wish I could.
My Wife Can beat Me Up And I Like It That Way.
My Wife Can beat Me Up And I Wish She Could Not.
My Wife Can't Beat Me Up And I Am Glad About That.
My Wife Can't Beat me Up But I Wish She Could.

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