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She hugged me until my ribs cracked

Question: ok,I am a smallish 23 yr old guy and i havent been around women yet. The few times I had physical contact it is alwyas suprising. My friends tells me, it is the obvious -- theyre stronger! This incident is no exception. A woman ,whom a kinda knew, grabbed me the other day and hugged me so tightly that my ribs were beginning to crack and my feet were practically airbourn? What should I make out of that, if anything? Feel free to make comments on why you made your selection on this poll.
Created by: don33 at 10:34:24 PM, Friday, March 30, 2007 PDT


if she could lift you until you are airbourne, she is alot stronger
just workout or be a wuss
she might be stronger
who cares, get a life
yes shes da man, u r da chick -- dont make her angry.

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