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Question: well okay lets gossip. well theres this girl in my school her name ... can't tell... anyway shes a total b**ch because... #1.she lied right to my face when i said i think your bf's using me for my boos.then she told me a bullshit story that she already asked him about it.#2.well everyone started noticing that she was getting a little bigger,so she goes off and says shes pregnant.hold on SHES ONLY 11 YRS OLD EEWWWW.HOLD ON THERES MORE SHES NOT PREGNANT, SHE LIED BECAUSE SHES GAINING WEIGHT.#3.then her bf dumped her(and i don't blame him)and then she started cutting herself.....................weel all i gotta say is watta b**ch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created by: lil hotti at 08:05:48 AM, Sunday, November 11, 2007 EST


i feel bad for her NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
makes me mad
my day is destroyed
watta bitch
who is she i wanna kick her ass

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