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Men attracted to physically stronger women

Question: I am a man who has been attracted to physically stronger women ever since my freshman year in high school. One of my first girlfriends at that time was on the track team and excelled at the shot put and discus. She was as tall as me, heavier by 20 pounds and had a thickly muscled body. We both liked that she was the stronger one in our relationship, but kept it to ourselves. Over the years, I have dated at least a dozen women that were stronger than myself. Overall, those relationships were very good, and the fact that my girlfriends were stronger than me really added to our experiences. My question is, \
Created by: somethingabout at 06:30:05 AM, Tuesday, December 11, 2007 EST


I am a man who would like to be with a stronger woman.
I am a stronger woman who would like to be with a weaker man.
I like the idea of a stronger woman with a weaker man.
It is okay, I see it more and more often.
It is okay, whatever turns you on.
It is weird to be attracted to stronger women.
You must be either bi or gay to like stronger women.

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