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who is the stronger sex? girls or guys .

Question: girls if you want to trabble a guy or you want to win a fight with him just kick his balls because when i was 16 my younger sister is 14 which i use always to trubble her and on one day she get angrey and kicked me in the balls (nuts) and i fall dobbling and crieng and beging her for merci and then she stripped me naked and asked me to kiss her butt and to lick her shoes, so does you girls did this to a guy and wut happend to him?
Created by: guyKISSgirlsBUTT at 05:02:51 AM, Tuesday, January 22, 2008 PST


he agreed that girls is the superior sex in the world
he beged for you
he cried
he fall for your merci
he is your slave know
he kiss your bare butt
he let you do any thing for him
he lick you shoes
he was humiliated
you did nothing to him

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