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Do you like this person?

Question: This girl back stabbed me, and said that her mom doesn't like me. And said all this other shit but now she is trying to be friends with me and hang out with me, like WTF?! Like i would want to hang out with her again after she done that, like she never even apoligized to me, pff im not taking her back...Like seriously though she was trying to make plans with me when i already have plans haha mhmm.. but yeah i just don't trust her anymore like even when my friend comes over she always talks to me and says we should hang out and shit, and my friend was thinking the same thing, like why would she wanna be friends with me again after this shit happened? Is she using me or something just for my \
Created by: x-mantee at 07:50:36 AM, Tuesday, March 04, 2008 EST


Be friends with her
hate her?
like her?
Really hate this kind of person
Use her for her shit?
would be friends with this person?

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