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Technology in the gender war

Question: In the future, technology will remake the human body so that physical differences between the genders will be irrelevant to competition. For example ,rejuvinative nanotechnology, anti aging, genetic engineering , mind upload etc. Hypothetically for example women could be made as strong as men making a drastic change in the dynamics of male on female violence. Given this 'true' physical equality, will it bring an end to the 'gender wars' , or will it burn hotter than ever ?.
Created by: FNOL3 at 07:29:32 PM, Tuesday, March 25, 2008 PDT


Don;t be so naive, the 'gender wars' don't even exist today, it;s just a bunch of utters who believe women and men are in competition.
Gender identity is radically importany in defining a person. Technology infringing on such a thing would be very dangerous for society. The gender wars must exist because there must be genders !.
I only know that the future cannot be accurately predicted.
The wars will continue on because humans need to fight about something , gender is a good reason as any for a good punch up !
The wars would cease and the physical strength difference in men is an obstacle in making men and women equal
Wars will continue, people think men are mentally superior
Wars will continue, people think woman are mentally superior

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