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Alien Abduction

Question: Last year there was over 13000 people who reported experiencing an alien abduction. A very few people (including this polls author) even produced physical evidence of tiny objects made of an unknown material being removed from unlikely (not hands or legs or arms) locations of their body. Have you ever experienced something that you thought might be an alien abduction and do you have any physical proof that backs it up ?, or do you not believe in it at all and think it is simply imagination caused by media in society?
Created by: abductess at 12:32:39 PM, Saturday, May 17, 2008 PDT


I don't believe and have proof that humans can make themselves believe things like Alien abduction easily
I have experiences and have physical proof
I have not experienced anything but I know someone who has, so I believe something is happening
I have personally had experiences but I have no physical proof
I think most so called abductions are scams for fun

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