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Why should women envy the male brain ?

Question: Despite forty years of feminism the rate of female domination in the echelons of \
Created by: anotheranonymous at 12:46:41 PM, Monday, June 02, 2008 PDT


Creativity. The male brain is superior at sustaining more linear but longer connections alowing them to deal with more overall complexity.
Efficiency. Male brain works literally cooler than womens brains and consumes less calories in intensive work. This leads to less \
Extra brain gene. Men have en extra brain gene (three to four vs women) which has be confirmed as a \
Sentience. Women pride them selves on their emotions but they do not actually understand or have any control of their emotions. Their brain is much more primal and animalistic than mens.
Thicker myelination increases conduction and speed of thought.

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