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Male Equality

Question: As discussed in previous polls there is no doubt that future medical technology will enhance the human body in biological and physical durability. It was also agreed that this would amplify the physical danger posed by the mentally inferior male who should be treated as a second class citizen. However in this enlightened age should there be ways for a man be able to become legally equal to a woman ?, and if so what should he have to do to get this status ?.
Created by: Mariana at 01:45:12 PM, Thursday, June 05, 2008 PDT


All men will be extinct by this time anyway !
He must attend reeducation classes learning his place under mentally superior women
I dont think men should ever be viewed as equal to women
Must be locked into permanant chastity belt which can only be removed by a woman
Removal of entire genitals
Removal of hormone and agression producing balls
Should only be allowed after many years of slave service to women

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