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Mixed wrestling: Making myself beatable for the new year

Question: As a young guy, I was very short and slim(5-4 109 pounds. Girls were pusing me around ALL the time. Everyday was another losing match and I LOVED IT!! Im 41 now, same height, just 51 lbs heavier. The weight though is mostly on the stomach, therefore I dont think I am any stronger. Id like to get myself slim again and have another mixed match. Its just what is the best way
Created by: Newman09 at 12:06:14 AM, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 PST


Find a woman whoese even heavier.
Forget it! Its too late
get a life
Go as you are. Youre still that 109 lb weakling! All bellyfat weight, no upperbody weight.
Hit the treadmill and lose those pounds
I hope she kills you so you stop these meaningless polls
Im a girl and you wouldnt want to mess with me

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