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Should DMV issue IQ tests?

Question: Right now anyone can drive. as long as they can pass the rules test. the problem is, that the rules test only measures your memorization. What it does not test is intelligence and common sense. The vast majority of accidents today are caused by people are have not the ability of using common sense. An example is passing someone on a two laned road when there is a car 20 ft ahead and headed right towards you. Sometimes a lack of common sense is because of youth and immaturity. But for the most part it is due to a lack of cognitive ability to make good decisions. Right now I know of people with a 65 IQ who is driving. I also know of a man who has an IQ of 85(borderline intelligence)who got arrested for DUI after killing two people on the highway. To me, driving is a privlege and not a right.If you dont have what it takes, then you shouldnt endanger yourself or anyone else. Look at it another way, you have to have, atleast, an average IQ to work at the post office, but anything is ok on the road. IMO anyone who has an IQ less than 90 should not be on the road. What do you think?
Created by: Dusame at 04:45:42 AM, Monday, January 19, 2009 PST


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