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Is sexual orientation genetic?

Question: This is an interesting forum. You talk as if women preferring small men; and small men preferring big women is unusual. In my family for generations, all the women married men who were physically weaker. And the men married women who were stronger.This is the norm. I expect and prefer women who are physically greater than I. So did my father and grandfather. When addressing the issue of whether I get married,my mom reassured me that one day some big strong woman will seek me out and sweep me off my feet. My Mom also set up my sister on a blind date with this guy because he is little and cute. The women have always been the breadwinners also.My mom is plastic surgeon and my father is a house husband. Its always been that way. Could it be that sexual orientation is genetic OR is it that my family is ahead of the times. I have always been attracted to women who are taller and heavier. And a hell of a lot stronger from the beginning of time. So are the other males in our family. So is it genetic or something else
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Created by: wondering2444 at 07:59:45 AM, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 PDT


No its cultural
Yes its genetic

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