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Question: Compared to COCKROACHES, human beings are newcomers to Planet Earth. AND THE HOUSEWARMING PARTY CONTINUES!!! For three hundred million years, (300,000,000 years!!!) THE COCKROACH has instinctively MASTERED THE ART OF GETTING AWAY!!! They are, perhaps, the most successful survivors in the history of our planet. They know how to get away EVEN BETTER THAN THEY KNOW HOW TO EAT!!! Do you believe that the cockroach will survive eventual human extinction or do you believe that cockroaches will eventually be exterminated into extinction by humans?
Created by: Exterminator at 04:29:26 PM, Wednesday, March 11, 2009 EDT


COCKroachES will survive eventual human extinction.
Humans will eventually exterminate cockROACHes into extinction.

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