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Question: I have already read lots of polls (and accompanying comments) on this site about girls who are proud of being larger and stronger than guys including their boyfriends, their husbands and other guys they know. As a tall, very skinny guy in the 6-foot range, I had one girlfriend in particular, awhile back, who was very short and fat. She was also physically strong!!! One day, while she and I were horsing around, she grabbed me and then she suddenly picked me up. I was surprised. I was just a bit skinnier back then. I towered over her by plenty but she weighed much more than I did. I am just a bit over six feet tall but I weighed only 127 pounds at the time. She and I were continuing our horseplay when she suddenly grabbed me again and this time, she picked me up and then she easily lifted me over her head. I was STUNNED!!! She proved right then and there that her physical strength was superior to mine because there was no way that I could lift my own weight over my head. My question to you is: Did you ever lift a tall skinny guy (like me) over your head who towered over you by more than a foot but who weighed much less than you did? And how did it make you feel that you managed to lift a guy over your head who is so much taller than you are? You can also comment if you wish.
Created by: TALL SKINNY GUY at 10:43:28 AM, Friday, March 13, 2009 PDT


Yes, 'cause I wanted to tell others I did it.
Yes. I wanted to show him how strong I am.
Yes. It made me feel a bit funny that I could do it.
Yes. It made me feel bad for him afterward.
Yes. It made me feel powerful and strong.
Yes. It made me feel proud.
Yes. It was during a real fight.
Yes. It was during horseplay.

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