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Question: There are already plenty of polls on this site about male vs female physical strength contests including what has now become a classic: THE SHORT WEAK MALE vs THE TALL STRONG FEMALE!!! That is just like throwing a mouse into the ring with a cat!!! We already know what is going to happen even before the battle begins. How about this, the first poll of its kind on this site: A MALE vs FEMALE WEIGHTLIFTING CONTEST!!! In weightlifting, there is no center-of-gravity factor to get in the way like there is in wrestling because in weightlifting, there is no direct physical contact at all between the two opponents. It is simply a contest of sheer brute strength to find out which one is physically stronger. Anyone with common sense knows that a tall, husky girl would easily outlift a short, thin guy. That is no real weightlifting contest. Here is a REAL weightlifting contest: How about a short, husky girl vs a tall, thin guy? The short, husky girl is obviously bigger than the tall, thin guy but the fact still remains that SHE IS A SHORT GIRL AND HE IS A TALL GUY!!! So the REAL question is: In a weightlifting contest (bench press/clean and jerk) between a short, husky girl and a tall, thin guy, WHO WOULD OUTLIFT WHOM?
Created by: SHORT AND TALL at 04:48:38 PM, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 PDT


The short, husky girl would outlift the tall, thin guy.
The tall, thin guy would outlift the short, husky girl.

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