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The REASON why a 190 lb woman is stronger than a 110 lb man

Question: Ok yes, she is bigger by the way of bigger muscles which builds a bigger body. There is also another factor, which is more significant. A 110 lb man in most cases doesnt have any muscles. And why is that? They have no eye and hand coordination. In proper eye and hand coordination, the brain stimulates and builds muscles. If the musles have poor communication with the brain, the muscles just stagnate and wither away.Most afflicted have developmental disorders such as mental retardation...Yes thats right. It corrolates with IQ! Have you ever seen a guy with FAS catch a ball? Most of them are rale thin also. I mean no disrespect to the handicapped. But that 200 lb woman would win because she is smarter, thinks on her feet. that of course makes her a better fighter. Therefore the issue is not the woman at all. No the issue is the 110 lb - 120 lb guy.
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