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Can a well trained woman have a firmer butt than a normal built man?

Question: I have noticed that you can ask the strangest questions on this bord so here is another one. OK I know that most guys thinks it's really sexy to look at a womans bouncing/jiggling buttocks if her butt has the right shape and so on and they can do this because woman often have revealing clothes/ underwear e.g. tight pants or thongs and stuff. But I have thought about a thing...Isn't it so that most mens butts jiggle more than the sexy womens butts they are looking at? I mean most sexy women, eg models, are working out a lot, especially the butt muscles (an area which most men don't train). Wouldn't these mens butt jiggle as much or more if they took of their pants and put on a thong and started walking on the streets or on the beach?
Created by: Firmer at 01:00:12 AM, Monday, April 20, 2009 PDT



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