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Handshake: Most accurate measurement of physical strength

Question: You dont have to wrestle a woman or put yourself in danger to find out if she is stronger. Its all in the power of the hand, which can be demonstrated in a handshake. If her handshake is like a cold fish, you are probably stronger. But if you clasp and you get the sensation of feeling like a child. That means the strength coming from your hand is meaningless compared to hers--she is stronger than you.Once a woman shook my hand and I was rhendered helpless. She wasnt exerting that much power either. But her body was that much stronger than mine and it was eminating from her hand. Handshakes are the oldest and most accurate way to determine who is stronger. Try it!!
Created by: thetruth at 11:09:36 PM, Monday, May 04, 2009 PDT


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