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For females under 5-foot-4 (-avg ht) and over 145 lbs (+avg wt): What was the max # of lbs you lifted over your head?

Question: Did you ever lift more lbs over your head than I lifted over my head? Most likely, YES!!! I am a very tall, STICK-THIN GUY. I have regular medical check-ups so I am in excellent health. I am just naturally STICK-THIN!!! In fact, there are VICTORIA'S SECRET runway models who weigh considerably more than I do. Percentagewise, there aren't many healthy, very tall, stick-thin guys like me around. The most I ever lifted over my head in my entire life was 88 lbs (but NOT without a struggle!!!) and that was only after working out in order to prepare for an overhead lift challenge against my 5-foot, 185-lb short stocky girlfriend. SHE OUTLIFTED ME ANYWAY!!! I could never lift 88 lbs over my head now. In fact, I already tried but I am not even strong enough to lift 88 lbs up to my shoulders!!! I am 6-foot-1 but I weigh only 125-129 lbs (my morning weight range minus clothes and shoes). I have long, very skinny legs and I also have long, very skinny arms. In fact, my short stocky girlfriend's biceps are way bigger than my biceps are which brings me to my question: What was the greatest number of lbs you ever lifted over your head, whether you are an adolescent girl, a young lady or a woman? If you lifted more than 88 lbs over your head, YOU ARE DEFINITELY STRONGER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN!!!
Created by: STICK-THIN GUY at 09:55:17 AM, Friday, May 08, 2009 PDT


a: 0-24 lbs
b: 25-49 lbs
c: 50-74 lbs
d: 75-99 lbs
e: 100-124 lbs
f: 125-149 lbs
g: 150-174 lbs
h: 175-199 lbs
i: 200-224 lbs
j: 225 lbs & up

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