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A severe penalty for teenage vandals THAT WOULD TEACH THEM A LESSON ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Question: I become SICK when I see marked up interiors of elevators at shopping malls and scratched up windows on city buses. More often than not, this is the work of teenage vandals who have no respect for public or private property, damaging whatever does not belong to them. Now that surveillance cameras are sprouting up like weeds everywhere, more vandals will be CAUGHT!!! Here is what I suggest should be done when they are caught: Authorities should be allowed to go with a search warrant into the kids' rooms and then, right in front of the vandals and their parents, the authorities should immediately SMASH UP AND DESTROY EVERY ELECTRONIC DEVICE IN THEIR ROOMS!!! That'll teach 'em a lesson. Do you agree?
Created by: JUSTICE SEEKER at 07:40:38 PM, Monday, May 11, 2009 PDT



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