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For all the Big strong girls who dance

Question: Being short small weak has never been a problem. Im used to women taller broader and heavier. However on the ballroom dance floor can be a problem. I remember taking ballroom dance lessons. The instructor was this hot blonde chick named Becky. She was atleast 3 inches taller(w/o 4 inch heels), but she was very stocky with lots of curves. She had atleast 50lbs on me.We flirted and everything is going cool. then we hit the dance floor. We do the waltz with full body contact. The minute I touched her I knew I was outclassed physically. That first lesson I was straining physically to the point of failure to maintain the lead. I finally couldnt do it any longer. She saw me suffering and agreed to take the lead. And thats the way it was from that point on. She was whipping me around on some dances like a ragdoll. And since I didnt have to worry about moving a bolder anymore, I could focus on my steps. And I got real good. we actually won some competitions.
So to those big strong women who have danced with smaller weaker men, do you at some point take the lead?

this question could be addressed also to average women who have danced with smaller men or small men who have danced with bigger women. Oh yes, tall skinny weak guys who have danced with stronger women. So please comment.
Created by: bedleo at 01:44:11 AM, Monday, June 08, 2009 PDT


I dont dance with men smaller than me
No the man always takes the lead
Yes, I dont want him to hurt himself

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