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Do you practice your sexual orientation?

Question: Not sure how I got it Butsince I was a little boy, I used to fantasize about Hansel and gretel.In my own version though there were differences. First there was no Gretel.It was just me and the witch. Secondly, the witch always won! I always fantasized about being overwhelmed and eaten up by a bigger woman. It aroused me. Being that I was weak and small, I always focued my attention to the bigger girls and fantasized what might happen to me in a fight! Luckily for me, i had eaarly puberty, which means I had less childhood growth. Basically that means that small weak kids early growth spurt would mean he would even be smaller and weaker as an adult. This allowed me to develop this orientation. Im tellin ya, watching the girls in my 8th grade class getting taller and heavier than myself aroused me. Your sexuality is an important step in finding your personal identity.Likewise We all have a sexual orientation. Some of us like tall women. Some like short. Some women like strong men, some like weak guys. Some guys not only want bigger women than themselves, but they want to be physically dominated by them. Being a small weak guy I always knew that most women were stronger.But thats the way I liked it and wanted them to physically overpower me. SO when I turned 18, I moved out and got my own apartment. I joined alot of underground femdom societies and have been a womans ragdoll ever since. Being small and weak and being dominated by a much bigger powerful woman is my orientation-- its who I am. If you are into an unusual sexual orientation does it become part of your daily existance or does it remain fantasy? Are you a small weak guy who fantasizing about being physically overwhelmed by a much stronger women while remaining with your small weak wife OR is your orientation part of your daily life?
Created by: Smallweakguy at 01:22:41 AM, Wednesday, June 17, 2009 PDT


No I am ashamed of it
Yes, I practice it 24/7

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