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She maybe bigger and stronger, but he still wins the fight?

Question: I see plenty of women who are bigger and stronger than their boyfriends or husbands. And yet you hardly hear of a domestic violence case where the woman is the perpatrator. There are two possible reasons for that: A male may not report being beaten by his wife, even though she is twice his size.
But I also think that women are not built for physical agression. The 170 lb wife maybe far stronger than her 120 lb husband. However, with testosterone, men are built for agression. Its part of the male instinct. So the smaller weaker man would win the fight. There maybe cultural variables, such as gender norms. But for the most part its instinct.
Therefore a bigger stronger wife is more likely to exhibit her physical superiority to you by making love to you. Whereas, the bigger stronger husband is more likely to exhibit his physical superiority over his wife through physical aggression.
Am I right on that?
Created by: aqmdwanna at 02:34:14 AM, Sunday, June 21, 2009 PDT



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