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Law of Attraction:Becareful what you ask for??

Question: We all have intermost desires. And I believe whatever we want will come to us in 3 fold. therefore my desire for bigger stronger women has led me to situation I could not anticapate. Such as physically overpowered. Therefore if a small weak guys hearts desires is to be physically overpowered by a big strong women, might run into dangerous territory. Because she maybe bigger than anticapated and she wont JUST overpower him. We all have intermost desires.But do they prop us up OR are they masochistic, which would lead to our destruction. And this not in the context of big strong women. If you are doing poor in life is because whatever is in their heart is not working for them.Its the law of attraction. But getting back to big strong women. Its ok to appreciate strong women. Never though would I want to be overpowered. Because I dont want the cause of my eventual death listed as being beaten to death by a woman
Am I right?
Created by: destinyman20091 at 02:55:26 AM, Tuesday, June 23, 2009 PDT



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