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Big strong ladies: How do you keep your little man LITTLE?

Question: You are a big strong woman. So strong you can move boulders. But you always want a very small sweet little man to be your mate. Well one day you found and swept him off his feet. He is 40 lbs lighter. far weaker than you, which exactly how you wanted it. Now that you have your little man. How do you keep him small and weak? YOu know he will never catch up with you in strength, nevertheless you dont want him getting closer. So what do you do to keep you cute little man LITTLE?
Created by: juuuseyin40 at 04:17:17 AM, Tuesday, June 23, 2009 PDT


beat those calories off him
give him lots of hard liqour in place of food
Ill just get bigger
lots of cardio
promise him lots of sex
rigid diet
threaten to beat him up
threaten to leave him if he gains weight
vegan diet

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