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Ladies when you see a smaller weaker man do evil thoughts cross your mind

Question: Ok lets say you are an average sized female. you are on your lunch break at a local food court. As you were standing in line you noticed the man in front of you is mmuch shorter and lighter. Probably 5`1 and 100 lbs. His arms in circumferance were much smaller than yours. And his legs were much smaller. As he picked up his buffet tray. You noticed he was struggling. For you, carrying a buffet tray with the exact same meal was as light as a feather.But it was more weight for him. So you do the polite thing and offer to carry it for him. Now that you know you are much bigger and stronger than he, do evil thoughts cross you mind, such as what might it be like if you beat him up or what could you do to him in an all out fight? So when you see a man who is alot smaller than you, do dark thoughts cross your mind?
Created by: ratdesert at 04:48:37 AM, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 PDT



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