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Why dont we ever hearr of big strong women beating up smaller men?

Question: There are plenty of women who are bigger and stronger than some men. And there are some small weak guys who are weaker than alot of women. But it is very rare that a bigger stronger woman beats up a smaller weaker male. Ive heard of smaller weaker women beating up larger men, who hold back.
Why is that?
Created by: alwayscurious at 02:35:21 AM, Sunday, July 05, 2009 PDT


It happens. but men are too ashamed to report it
Larger women are still weaker than a smaller male
She finishes the job by beating him to death and disposing the body
Women are smart enough not to strike someone smaller than they
Women arent natural fighters
Women believe that differences can be resolved without violence
Women will use their strength superiority to love you in bed, not hurt you.

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