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To small weak guys: How do you cope???

Question: Being smaller and weaker than women is no joke. As unusual as it is, it is my reality! that means Im far smaller and weaker than all guys. And probably on the strength level of a 12 yr old boy or a 80 yr old man. And the biggest thing is when personal trainers tell you there is nothing you can do to change that. Being small and weak has its perks, if you like bigger stronger women. But it has its down side. People dont take you seriously. They often talk about you, than directly to you. You are just lesser of a person. You could easily develop an inferiority complex. Luckily I have used my intelligence and humor to compensate.People see the true nature of who i am. And I live a pretty good life. But if I had not compensated, Im sure I would be giving the psychiatric community alot of business. May I emphasize, being short didnt make me weak. But my delicate frame is the reason. So if you are a guy who is smaller and weaker than 99% of the adult population. How has it effected your life? More importantly, what have you done to compensate for what you dont have?
Created by: veryverysmall2 at 02:19:01 AM, Tuesday, July 21, 2009 PDT



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