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Are you, or have you seen a short heavyset lady lift a tall slender guy over her head from the floor, barbell-style?

Question: Perhaps ropes and handles were used so that she could lift him over her head after she reached down and grabbed him from the floor (just like she would with a barbell). Short ladies are assumed by society to be physically weaker than tall guys so a short heavyset lady lifting a tall slender guy over her head debunks that myth entirely. This is indeed an unusual method of lifting someone overhead but in a country as big as ours, there must be plenty of short heavyset ladies out there who lifted a tall slender guy overhead using this method (perhaps lifting a boyfriend or a husband overhead!!!). And she just might be very proud of it. Have you ever seen this done? If you are a short heavyset lady, did you ever do it?
Created by: LIFTED OVERHEAD at 08:34:37 AM, Thursday, July 23, 2009 PDT


Others: NO
Others: YES
Short heavyset ladies: NO
Short heavyset ladies: YES

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