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For ladies only: I am a TALL&SMALL&WEAK man who has a strong sexual desire for SHORT&BIG&STRONG women. Is it normal?

Question: They always say: 'Different strokes for different folks.' Well, when it comes to men who are small and weak, we usually hear about SHORT&SMALL&WEAK men being sexually attracted to TALL&BIG&STRONG women (a.k.a. the AMAZON type!!!). However, I am different. At least when it comes to height. I am a TALL&SMALL&WEAK man who always had a strong sexual attraction to SHORT&BIG&STRONG women, particularly after one such lady clearly demonstrated her greater physical strength over mine, especially in her upper body. Fortunately for me, there are enough 'oases' to offset those 'dry spells.' Despite the normal failures every man experiences in trying to get a lady, I succeed in getting SHORT&BIG&STRONG girlfriends who become aware of my lust for them and some like saying to me: 'I am bigger than you are' or 'I am stronger than you are.' They know saying that to me turns me on. In fact, one such lady, over a foot shorter than I am, actually went so far as to say to me: 'Whatever you try to do to me I would do to you with greater force because I am stronger than you are and I weigh more than you do' (she was telling me the truth!!!). I am sure she knew even before she said it that I would become sexually aroused. I also know from experience that many SHORT&BIG&STRONG women lust for TALL&SMALL&WEAK men. Do you think my intense lust for SHORT&BIG&STRONG ladies is every bit as normal as any sexual attraction a man has for a woman?
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