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Women who are attracted to bad men are either mentally, emotionally or psychologically unstable. (YES or NO?)

Question: Unprovoked violence committed by men against women seems to be an ever-growing problem without a solution (all men who commit such unprovoked acts of violence against women belong BEHIND BARS!!!). Yet, many women continue to fall head over heels for the 'bad boy' type. In fact, in many cases, there is a telltale pattern (e.g. multiple TRO filings with law enforcement). Unfortunately, many women already involved in such life-threatening relationships who continue to ignore (or, even worse, who continue to do nothing about) the obvious warning signs that are characteristic of bad men end up paying the ultimate price. WHAT A TRAGEDY!!! Do you believe such women are either mentally, emotionally or psychologically unstable?
Created by: Puzzled at 08:01:41 AM, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 PDT



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