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Small weak men: Suppose you know that big strong woman is going to beat you up very soon

Question: Ok you are a small weak guy and you are in the company of a much bigger, stronger woman. It could be a lover, colleague or an aquaintance. Suddenly you discover, either thru a premation, over the grape vine, this woman was going to seriously beat you up during the day. SO would you allow your fetishes intefere with your logical thinking and put you in harms way OR would you get the hell out of there now. Some of us have fantasies of getting beaten up by a much bigger stronger woman. But lets say now you know its moments away from happening? What do you do?
Created by: okwondering29 at 01:34:45 AM, Sunday, August 16, 2009 PDT


arm yourself with a weapon and go at her
call the police
I will stay.Im so obsessed with this fetish, I have a death wish
I would get the hell out of there.
Nah, do nothing and take it like a man
Take a cold shower and get out of fantasyland and RUN RUN

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