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My girlfriend said I would have to marry her if she beat me in a 'do or die' armwrestling match!!!

Question: I know this sounds almost too weird to believe but I am not making this up!!! This clearly demonstrates how far women will go in order to be married. The sex between us was awesome and I was really happy being with her. I did not want to be with another girl. The relationship was getting deeper but then it got to the point where my girlfriend did not want to continue our relationship without being married. We had many armwrestling matches so I assumed that she and I were equal in strength. She knew I did not want to 'tie the knot' at that point so she decided to challenge me to a 'do or die' armwrestling match and she said that if I won, she would be willing to stay single with me but if I lost, I would have to marry her soon if I wanted to stay with her. I knew if I accepted her challenge, it would mean a binding agreement between us. However, I was too scared to armwrestle her with the stakes being so high because I knew there was a good chance that she could beat me and also because she had large muscles and her arms were actually bigger than mine. This leads me to wonder if she let me 'win' those previous matches. When I decided not to accept her challenge, she left me. Should I have accepted her challenge?
Created by: AFRADTOARMWRHER at 07:25:18 PM, Thursday, September 10, 2009 PDT



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