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SHORT STOCKY GIRLS: Did you ever outlift a tall thin guy in the clean-and-jerk (overhead lift)?

Question: I am a tall thin guy and I am not embarrassed at all about admitting that I was outlifted in the clean-and-jerk by a short stocky girl weighing much more than me. I stood more than a foot taller than her which would embarrass most other tall guys who lose to a short girl like I did. Before she and I began our clean-and-jerk challenge, we had an exchange of words between us (sort of a 'verbal challenge') which included the following: From me: I'm way taller than you are!!! From her: I'm way bigger than you are!!! From me: I am a male while you are a female!!! From her (in a firm voice): That doesn't matter!!! Of course, she is the one who came out the winner (winning easily) so I had no choice but to accept the fact that she is quite a bit stronger than I am, especially considering the much larger size of her upper arms (way bigger than mine!!!). She was happy that I conceded defeat while most other tall guys would have been too stubborn to concede defeat, especially knowing that the upper body, particularly the arms, is where a man is supposed to be stronger than a woman. Also, a guy is frequently more embarrassed if he happens to be taller than the girl who defeats him even if she is bigger than he is. Did you ever have quite the same experience as the girl who outlifted me (outlifting a tall thin guy who weighs less than the girl)? If so, how much taller was he than you were when you outlifted him in the clean-and-jerk?
Created by: OUTLIFTEDBYGIRL at 01:52:46 PM, Saturday, September 19, 2009 EDT


He was exactly a foot taller than me.
He was less than a foot taller than me.
He was more than a foot taller than me.
I never outlifted a tall thin guy.

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