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What type of woman prefers a smaller weaker man?

Question: Belive it or not, some women prefer men smaller and weaker than themselves. The question is:what type of woman?
Created by: Dowonder2070 at 12:45:59 AM, Tuesday, September 29, 2009 PDT


big and strong women(Fbb types)
domestic abuse victims(likes smaller weaker men because they feel safer)
gold digger(In other words, she doesnt like men, she likes money. Therefore a smaller weaker man with dough is her choice)
Lesbian leaning woman, who hates men, but likes boys
neo pagan wicca woman
no such women exist
several of these types could be likely(Please comment!)
Strong dominant independent minded woman
Women who get turned on by beating people up(sadomasochism;etc)

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