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A woman? Stronger than a man??? HUH!!!

Question: That's the bold attitude of lots of men who simply cannot accept the fact that there are women who are physically stronger than they are. I am a man who knows because I could not accept it myself!!! It was humiliating for me to even THINK that a woman could be stronger than I am despite my rather slim build. Then, one day, I found myself watching in total shock and disbelief as my girlfriend was lifting (and then HOLDING!!!) a fully-loaded heavy barbell over her head that I was unable to get above my shoulders. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not do it!!! I have to admit that this was a terrible blow to my male ego when it happened but I knew I had to accept it as reality whether I liked it or not simply because IT HAPPENED!!! My 'bubble' was BURST!!! My 'mythical belief' that 'All Men Are Stronger Than All Women' was shattered once and for all. However, I am sure there are lots of men out there who are still anchored to their old beliefs that a woman could not possibly be stronger than a man. Even when it is obvious, I am sure lots of men still refuse to accept it. So now my question: What percent (%) of ALL men do you believe still find it difficult, if not impossible, to accept the fact that there are, indeed, women who are stronger than men? (STRONGER THAN MEN!!!)
Created by: A man who knows at 06:20:44 AM, Tuesday, October 20, 2009 PDT



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