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To all small weak men:Is your smallness and weakness a state of mind or reality?

Question: Im one of the few guys who are really very small and weak physically. Yet people see me as a giant. Now I know some guys in this economy who feel small and weak and yet they are 6ft and over 200 lbs. Small and weak is a state of mind.Physically, yes, I am small and weak. But physical strength does not measure personal strength. heres the deal though, a friend of mine who is 6ft1 and 220 lbs lost his job over a yr ago. One time we met for a BBQ and was discussing that women being bigger and stronger was a way of life for me. He told me then he was weaker physically than most women. That came as a shock. But he was also very depressed being out of a job, so it was more of a state of mind. So to all of you small weak men. Get on the scales, lift some free weights. Challenge your girlfrirend to an arm wrestling match. Is your smallness and weakness a state of mind or is it by a small chance reality? Perhaps it is both
Created by: realweakguy at 10:34:10 PM, Thursday, November 19, 2009 PST


both: I have a very weak body and weak mind
no I am really small and weak
state of mind

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