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For ALL women and girls EVERYWHERE!!! Did you ever lift a guy over your head?

Question: One day, my gf easily lifted me over her head which has not been done to me by any lady before or since. This is TRUE (I am NOT lying!!!). This should not be difficult to believe anyway because I am sure there must be lots of guys out there who have been lifted overhead by their gf's or by some other lady but they just might be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it (especially at a crowded sports pub or in an all-male locker room!!!). Even today, the thought of a male being lifted overhead by a female (the ultimate conquest!!!) is quite intriguing and probably happens more often than most people think. Ladies, have you ever lifted a guy over your head? Interesting stories and comments are welcome as long as they are TRUE!!!
Created by: GuyLftOvhdByGrl at 07:04:59 AM, Friday, January 15, 2010 PST


Yes. He and I were at or near the same height but he was stocky while I was slender.
Yes. He and I were at or near the same height but I was stocky while he was slender.
Yes. He was short and stocky while I was tall and slender.
Yes. I was short and stocky while he was tall and slender.

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