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was your mother lift and cradles you until you grown up to tenage ?

Question: I am a 17 year old at 5 feet 8,and 58 kg. My mother is 42 aged, buff, at 5 feet 4, and 70 kg. She wouldn't care me as a grown child she always treat me like a baby. Some times she scooped me up in her hand by the threshold ,i like it a lot, but some times she lift me even in front of my friends and cuisines. That will humiliating me. is your mothers do this to you ?.
Created by: mamasboy at 12:40:52 AM, Saturday, February 13, 2010 PST


didn't even lift me
No, only up to 12 years
No, only up to 8 years
Yes till now
yes, up to 15 years
yes, up to 20 years

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