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Ways to know that she is stronger?

Question: I instinctively know when a bigger woman is also stronger without engaing in lifting or wrestling. If a bigger woman has a bigger belly but I have larger shoulders, I am stronger. If this bigger lady(whether she be taller or shorter than I)if her shoulders are wider and her upper body much broader to the point I feel enveloped or eclipsed by her, I know right away she is stronger. Why because she has larger frame, which means bigger muscles. So thats my way of knowing that I better run the other way and fast if she decides to beat me up! But thats how I know she is stronger. I am sure there are other methods by which you know that that big woman is stronger w/o engaging in lifting or wrestling. SO if you have any, please share here!
Created by: verytinyguy at 01:38:29 AM, Wednesday, February 24, 2010 PST



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