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Who has it better? Boys or Girls

Question: It seems that there are women out there who think that guys have it better form the start and girls get a raw deal and live a tortured existance. Conversely, there are some guys who'd rather be girls because of their perceptions. But who really has it better in the larger picture?
Created by: Survey at 05:08:58 AM, Friday, March 12, 2010 EST


Girls ARE better...Duuuuu
Girls have it better: guys don't bring life into the world do they
Girls have it better: with all the gender equality laws they have an unfair advantage
God or nature made things the way they are-deal with it
Guys have it better and as a guy I like that
Guys have it better and I don't like it but that's life
Guys have it better and it really grinds me at times
Guys have it better which I see as totally unjustifiable and they should suffer some form of torture because of this
Isn't it almost equal by now: Noone has it better
You have to accept the good with the bad whether you are one gender or another

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