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Is the strength and love of a women are related ?

Question: I am 19 aged boy staying with my mother(42) and step father(45), Till now from my childhood my mother frequently lift and carry me in her hand whenever we got a good time. I am at 178 cm and 130 lb, she is 5 inch shorter and 20lb heavier than me. She can done all the lift with amazing ease. Many times she had carry me an entire night. But she couldn't carry my step father more than 10 sec. He is 2 inch shorter and only 10 lb heavier than me. I told her about this then she says; its because she love me the most and every mothers have a psychic energy to lift and carry their loved one, they are mostly their child. Is this true ?
Created by: bond008 at 04:02:01 AM, Wednesday, April 07, 2010 PDT


No there is no any psychic energy
No, its because you are toll and skinny
Yes, but its because of their respect to husbend
Yes, but its because of their stregth
Yes, its because of their love

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