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strength vs. age and weight

Question: I was not very strong boy: in high school I did lose some armwrestling against girls same class, even one semi-serious fight. At 18 yrs old I did my record bench press 110 lbs. I was as tall (5'10) as now (44 yrs) but lot skinnier (then 120-130, now 170-175). I was bit ashamed of my weakness, so I've avoided sports since. Class reunion is coming, which makes me wonder: Does my weight and maturity add my power even without training? How would I do against those ladies now? How about their daughters? I've been told, that today even model-like thin girls are suprisingly strong due to continous toning workouts? What would be outcome of me against some six-foot tall teen model or beauty queen?
Created by: pasinelkut at 11:21:27 PM, Saturday, April 10, 2010 PDT


Do You know women, who could beat me in wrestling/fighting? Please decribe with message.
Mass equals power: I will win the women now, if they havent grown as much.
Models do not really workout, they are weaker than me.
Models today are in very good shape. Six-footer of any age will beat me silly.
Teen girls today are better trained than before: I lost to the mothers, so I don't have a chance.
Teen girls today are skinnier and weaker than before: I will win them easy.
Untrained mass means nothing: I'm just as weak as then.

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