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Special Sex Ed for School Girls

Question: Since school girls are a prime target for rapist and kidnappers, I think these rapist (you can add other types of crimes in the comment section) should be used to educate girls on how to defend themselves against them There are several choices on how to use these worthless males to educate our precious girls
Created by: Kathymay at 12:28:54 AM, Wednesday, April 14, 2010 PDT


# 1 but assure balls are removed
# 2 and assure balls are removed
# 3 but assrure balls are removed
# 3 but assure all males will die
1: High School girls naked males Girls can do whatever they want
2: As above but allow jr high girls
3: As above but allow any girl
4: as #1 but with clothed males Can not hurt balls or cocks
5: As # 2 with clothed males
6: As #3 but with clothed males

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